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  • UEI-1 Universal Alarm Circuit / Isolator Test Point (Patent Pending)

    Your Life Safety System’s Universal Edge!

    The current testing methods for a fire alarm system’s data communications link(s) (DCL in Canada, SLC or Signaling Line Circuits in the USA), and in-suite signal fault isolators involves having to disassemble or remove a field device to physically test the associated isolator for an open circuit, ground fault indications, and short circuit operation (outside of the zone or area in which the short is imposed).  See our FAQ page for more information on the actual requirements for each type of isolator.  In Canada we’ve added a number of additional test items for power and audio power buss protection which will mean huge increases in annual testing times (at considerable additional expense to building owners and operators). 

    Isolator and end-of-line resistor testing has always been a time consuming process which a number of service providers have often been actively encouraging their technicians to overlook or ignore (the unfortunate result of competitive elements in the testing/inspection community that continues to drive the price for service lower and lower).  To conduct the proper testing would likely result in many service providers having to charge you more for your system’s annual test, and that’s been viewed as sort of the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot (because we’ve all recognized that owners and operators want to keep these costs under tight control).

    The ILSTS UEI-1 delivers the only truly universal fire alarm system testing solution that will facilitate the proper testing of your project and simplify both your service and your maintenance, going forward.  The ILSTS UEI-1 is also the ONLY fire alarm device in your system that comes with a lifetime warranty.

    At a one-time cost of under $9.00 (CDN)1, the permanently installed ILSTS UEI-1 Universal Alarm Circuit / Isolator Test Point is inexpensive to deploy and will significantly reduce the time it takes to test isolators and end-of-line resistors!

    1  One ILSTS UEI-1 is needed to in each isolated floor area (when installed in an addressable fire alarm system).   Two (2) units are required to test a two suite sounder isolator (for Canadian applications).  If the ILSTS UEI-1 is deployed as an end-of-line device on a conventionally wired circuit, you will need one for each “zone”.  Please visit our FAQ page or view the Installation and Operating Instructions available from our Download Centre for more information).


    Advantages & Benefits

    Fire Equipment Service Technicians

    • Simplified and rapid testing of circuit end-of-line resistors, power and audio buss isolators, data isolators, and in-suite sounder isolators;
    • Easily confirm that the correct end-of-line resistor is installed with just a meter and a test magnet (nothing to unscrew or take apart);
    • Let’s you test for “ground fault” indication and operation of affected field devices;
    • Can be utilized to provide convenient test points for fire alarm relay functions (smoke control, elevator recall, egress path marker systems, etc.);
    • Designed for use  in unconditioned areas like sprinkler rooms, unheated parking garages, storage rooms, etc.  The switching mechanism is hermetically sealed and is already UL/ULC Listed;
    • Testing the proper operation of any Class “A” circuit takes less than fifteen seconds!;
    • Supplies an easily accessible test point for technicians servicing Fire Signal Receiving Centre Transmitter installations.  Eliminates the need to access the fire alarm control unit to perform your circuit testing (you’re still required to activate a local trouble, supervisory and alarm signal from the common control);
    • Simplifies testing of Networked Systems (control panels, transponders, and annunciators);
    • Provides test points for measuring voltage on a circuit (alarm voltage for signalling appliances and voltage drop to the last fire alarm field device); and
    • Allows you to measure current on a circuit (or isolated circuit segment) using just your meter and a magnet.

    Building Owners and Operators
    ILSTS UEI-1 Universal End-of-Line / Isolator Tester

    The ILSTS UEI-1 mounts on a standard single gang box (or mud ring) and is attractively finished in white.
    (Patent Pending)

    • Saves you money by reducing the time it normally takes to perform the required annual testing of your fire alarm system;
    • Lifetime warranty;
    • Significantly reduces the time it takes to troubleshoot many commonly encountered system faults (and expensive Fire Watch procedures).

    Architects and Designers

    • Easy access for confirming voltages and current readings when upgrading (or making additions) to existing circuits;
    • Ensures your clients receive value from easy-to-maintain and test systems;
    • Provides convenient test points for field devices and circuits (including ancillary circuits) when performing integrated systems testing to CAN/ULC-S1001 (Standard for Integrated Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems).

    Building Officials and Fire Departments (AHJs)

    • Proper annual testing of fire alarm system field devices (isolators and end-of-line resistors) is assured;
    • Can be used to locally activate the fire alarm system’s special functions in order to test ancillary circuits without having to initiate an alarm on the system.


    Two Important Considerations

    1. With the exception of replacing a damaged (or non-functional) system component, the retro-fit installation of any fire alarm field device is considered a modification of your fire alarm system and, as such, consultation with your local jurisdictional authority is advised.  An Electrical or Building Permit (or both) may be required and the installation should be performed by a qualified electrician.  These additional costs should also be factored into your decision to deploy any new system component. 
    2. Replacement (or the new installation) of any fire alarm field device in Canada is subject to a Verification in accordance with  Section 7 of CAN/ULC-S537-13 (Standard for Verification of Fire Alarm Systems). The Verifier should confirm that the product is installed correctly in accordance with the published installation instructions (which should also detail its suitability for the intended use, as well as the safe operation of the device). 



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